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Supporting the future of art:
Rembrandt Club Junior Art Prizes

One of the Club’s most important and long-standing traditions is our support for Pomona College Art Students. We began giving them small grants back in 1937 and have continued the practice (and enlarged the grant amounts) through the years thanks to funds raised through member dues, fundraisers, and gifts.

Currently we award the Perdita Sheirich Junior Art Prize to one or more Pomona College art students annually for summer research and travel to begin their senior thesis. Pomona’s Studio Art and Art History faculty recommend the students, and those selected describe their summer research at the first October Rembrandt lecture of the new academic year. Their fascinating topics have ranged from Neon Sign Making, UK Sexuality and Visual Culture, Creating Social Space through Pie Making, Italian Baroque Images of Africans, and more.

Come join us for our 2023 Grant Winner Presentations

Thursday, Oct. 5, 2023 at 1:30 p.m. Pomona College Studio Art Building Room 122.

Ananya Goel

“Mughal India and Sultan Jahangir’s Gift Giving Rituals"

SP23_Pettengill_headshot 1_edited.png

Bella Pettengill

“La Ceiba Grafica and the Drawn Visual History of My Ancestors”


Click here for a list of previous Grant Winners. A number of these students have gone on to become nationally and internationally famous artists and art scholars. One of our favorite speakers, Sana Javeri Kadri, had an especially innovative combination of art, social justice, and spices that has become a revolutionary business model. Click here for Martha Stewart Living's piece about Sana's spicy business.

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